Contemporary Fiction/Women’s Fiction

All of these books have strong elements of romance but are so much more than your average love story.

Out of the Blue by Nettie Anderson is a debut novel, and the first book in the Barley Ford series. Author Daisy Tremaine is struggling to complete her Rose Water Chronicles series, finding it increasingly difficult to separate her work from her own problems. On a much-needed break in the remote hamlet of Barley Ford, she finds a new cast of characters in her own life, and realises that in order to get back into writing, she needs to find her own happy ending. A brilliant book about love, family and friendship, and a compelling start to this brand new series. You’re guaranteed to want to find out more!


Carol Burns, editor of Cornwall Life magazine, made her debut as a novelist with the bitingly funny Cover Story in which a London-based journalist finds herself banished to Cornwall as editor of the legendary Compagne magazine. Meanwhile, in Little White Lies, another journalist finds herself at the heart of an ongoing police investigation, and losing her heart to a police detective.


Described by the author as ‘chick lit for grown-ups’, All Desires Known is a beautifully written and described story, of city-dweller thrown into country life, in the village where her disaffected vicar husband grew up. Cue the beautiful ex, and the handsome gardener, and… well you’ll have to read it to find out.

Katharine E. Smith’s Coming Back to Cornwall series is a fantastic set of books which you won’t want to stop reading, but you won’t want to end. A Second Chance Summer and After the Sun form parts one and two of Katharine E. Smith‘s Coming Back to Cornwall series. Originally planned as a trilogy, the third book is the festive, funny and feel-good As Boundless as the Sea. However, it was extremely hard to not go back and the series has been extended, with Sticks and Stones, Lighting the Sky, and now books six, seven and eight, Something About the Stars, Weathering the Storm and Sparkling Like Snow.

Coming Back to Cornwall (600 x 180 px)

Follow the stories of Alice and Sam, and Julie and Luke, two pairs of best friends who first met when they were eighteen and ten years later find themselves back together, in beautiful, magical Cornwall. Much has changed in ten years but there are some things which time cannot affect. This is an uplifting, inspiring and funny story of love, friendship, ambition and family.