Younger Readers

Readers of the Bellualis Chronicles will be delighted to know that book two,  is now available. Smile: Bellualis Chronicles Book Two by E.J. Parry

New year…New teachers…New headmistress…Same danger!

The new teachers seem nicer, and normal. Almost.
And all anyone remembers of what happened before is a devastating fire.

Could the pupils of Thornberry Woods be in even greater danger at the hands of the sadistic Miss Pulchre?

Trusting nobody, Sophie, Lucy, Ben and Jack start the school year prepared to fight.
But how could they prepare for this?

Golem is the first book in the Bellualis Chronicles series and will delight, thrill and send shivers down your spine.

Sophie May Clearwater is new to Thornberry Woods. She knows nobody there, and her parents are too busy to pay attention to her concerns about her school. Building trust with fellow pupils is key and when friendships are established with Lucy, Tom and Jack things start to seem a little better. Until something happens to Tom and it is up to Sophie, Lucy and Jack to find out just what is going on in their terrifying school.

Written primarily for middle-grade readers, this book will hold great appeal to older readers, too, who will find themselves transported back to their school days – when you knew there was something not quite right about your teachers, but your parents wouldn’t listen. Not many teachers are like those at Thornberry Woods High School, though.

Episode One of the Stories of the Sticks, All About Stasia is a story of excitement, danger, adventure and growing up.

Packed with superb illustrations, and set in the fantasy world of The Sticks, this debut novel from Jeanie Palfrey will be loved by younger readers looking for something a little bit different.

mock-00054 (1)Episode Two, Imperia Jobsworth is Missing, sees Stasia’s confidence grow as she and her new best friend Esmoylda turn their hands to some super-sleuthing, tracking down the missing Imperia and in doing so, finding themselves face to face once more with the nasty gangster Arton Mudd.

Jeanie is a talented model-maker and the story behind the characters in this brilliant new book is fascinating. You can find out more about Jeanie here.

From debut author Lindzi J. Stewart comes A Flying Visit:

On the remote Salute Islands lives a small colony of rare creatures, who have no idea of their significance to the rest of the world – and very little idea that there is any more to the world than the group of five islands where they live. Until…
During an important mission, Miss Estelle Beulah Harrison (Esta to her friends) accidentally finds herself on a flight to England – an unheard of and very strange place. She must put her trust in her new UK family, to protect her from the dreaded witches while she tries to fulfil her duties. There is much to learn from each other.
Can Esta succeed in her quest, and return home safely?

A funny and moving story of what can happen when two worlds, and two cultures, collide.

little_storys_story_book_3d.jpgLittle Story’s Story Book is a standout title, written by Matthew Young and illustrated by his daughter Lily when she was just nine. The short, charming stories were devised by Matt during hospital stays with Lily (who has cystic fibrosis) and the book has proved hugely popular with hospital staff and other visitors. A donation from the profits of this book will be made to the Starlight Foundation, which grants wishes to children with serious and terminal illnesses.

Stanley_Gets_a_Guinea_Pig_3DContinuing the animal theme, Sheila Hayes’ book Stanley Gets a Guinea Pig is a charming tale of a young boy who helps his aunt and uncle run their guinea pig rescue centre, all the while wishing he had one of the squeaky little creatures of his very own. There is an excellent section on caring for your pet guinea pig, which has been reviewed and approved by the Blue Cross animal charity.

believe-in_your_wings-of_change_3d.jpgSue Davies is a yoga instructor who has written and illustrated these brilliant ‘Believe-in’ books which aim to help children and young people through difficult situations, providing strategies and exercises to follow.Believe-in_Your_Inner_Warrior_3D

Believe-in Your Wings of Change is designed for children undergoing change in their life, whether a house move, school transition, or loss of somebody close to them. Believe-in Your Inner Warrior, meanwhile, targets children who need to develop strength and resilience to cope with challenging situations.

the_downunder_kid_3d.jpg The Downunder Kid was the second book published by Heddon and remains a firm favourite. Sam Bond –is a small, intelligent and kind-natured boy who happens upon a tunnel through the earth, from London to the Australian outback. Desperate to escape the school bullies, Sam takes the plunge and finds himself on the other side of the world. There, he realises that bullying is not confined to his school in England.

It is a book for adults to enjoy with children. Some of the jokes may go over smaller heads but there are plenty of laughs for everyone, and a heart-warming ending which will leave any reader with a smile on their face.
my_crazy_uncle_walter_3d.jpgAlso by Peter M. Clutterbuck is My Crazy Uncle Walter – more suited to slightly older readers than The Downunder Kid. This entertaining and moving book tells the tale of Joe’s Uncle Walter, a charming but feckless conman who was a huge influence on the now elderly Joe, who relays the tales of his uncle to teenage neighbour Sarah. The effect of Uncle Walter on Joe’s family is evident but the most telling effect is that of the stories on Sarah, who learns to view her own life slightly differently.