Literary Fiction


From journalist Ewen MacDonald, The Painter and Memories from the End of the World are bold, original and intense reading experiences, shedding light on the sometimes murky world of the artist, and art dealership.

Not for the faint-hearted but highly compelling, unforgettable reads.

Katharine E. Smith’s first three books, despite being very different reads, all fall into the ‘Literary Fiction’ category.

Writing the Town Read takes readers back to summer 2005, following a number of explosions in London. A missing boyfriend, a betrayal by a friend, and a career under threat, all make for a highly charged tale.


Looking Past is a gentler affair, exploring the themes of motherhood, relationships, bereavement and grief.


The third of the trio, Amongst Friends, is Smith’s darkest book and has won praise for its form, telling the story of a friendship gone terribly wrong, from its dramatic ending and tracing the three friends’ lives back to the beginning.

SUMMER READING_ a three-book collection of contemporary fiction - Katharine E. Smith

All three books are available as a Kindle ‘boxset’, called Summer Reading.


Mel Wells’ debut novel draws on his experience as a First Nation Canadian. What’s One More? follows the story of Peter, who we first encounter at a meeting for Alcoholics Anonymous. Wells has rooted his story firmly in the Canadian landscape that helped form his cast of characters. With ranches and cowboys, rodeos and Pow-wows, What’s One More? provides the reader with a window to a world rich in tradition; a way of life which is under-represented but which continues to this day.


The Renwick Legacy is another debut novel, and tells the tale of the town of Stortly which once was ruled by the tyrannical Lord Benjamin Renwick, whose legacy is about to affect present-day Strortly in a wholly unimaginable way. Mike Jones’ story-telling is highly imaginative in weaving together the past and the present, illustrates just how one is affected by the other.


Roderick Shaw’s No Picnic for Sam is a beautiful novel, suitable for adults and younger readers, bringing to life the gentle nature of the British countryside, alongside the history which has shaped it, topped off with a supernatural twist. A lovely tale of friendship, family and love. A successful artist, Roderick Shaw has created the eye-catching artwork for this cover and his writing reflects his creative talent and attention to detail.


Gateway to Armenia is the latest novel from Lebanese author Serge Momjian, whose own Armenian background has helped provide authenticity to this work. Haig Bedrossian, an American-Armenian journalist, is sent to Armenia on a work assignment and takes the opportunity to learn as much as he can about the country of his ancestors, which has an inescapable effect on his own life.