Tigranes the Great by Serge Momjian. A very detailed and extremely well-researched work on this ancient king. Focusing on his immense achievements, and resistance to the Roman Empire – and his eventual, some might say inevitable, capitulation to Ancient Rome, the book offers fascinating insights.

Changing_TimesChanging Times is a book about technology but has a wider readership in mind than just those who work in the industry. If you use technology  (and if you’re reading this website, I am assuming you do) then this book can offer you valuable insights into the development of the tools you use on a daily basis; how they make life better or, in some cases, more complicated. A very well-written and interesting read.

How To Run a Free Kindle Promotion on a Budget - Katharine E. Smith

By the founder of Heddon Publishing, Katharine E. Smith, this Kindle-only book – How to Run a Free Kindle Promotion on a Budget – offers authors advice, tips, useful links and worksheets to help make the most of running free promotions.