To Play the Game: A History of Flight 571 by John Guiver

(available in Colour and in Monochrome)

‘A perfect complement to my 1974 book Alive.’ Piers Paul Read

13th October 1972. A Uruguayan Air Force plane, commissioned for a civilian flight, crashes in the Andes. Among the forty passengers are a first-division rugby team, accompanied by family and friends. Hindered by treacherous conditions, the search and rescue efforts cannot locate the wreckage, and are abandoned after eight days.

Ten weeks later, two unkempt boys are spotted by a muleteer high in the Chilean foothills. One throws a note to him, across a mountain torrent: I come from a plane that fell in the mountains…In the plane there are still fourteen injured people…

Drawing on extensive original research, the author sheds new light on this extraordinary story from a perspective of fifty years, expanding on events before, during, and after the ordeal. His retelling is enriched by the accounts of those who didn’t return from the mountain, related through the eyes of their families, bringing much-needed balance to a story which has largely focused on the survivors.

Tigranes the Great by Serge Momjian. A very detailed and extremely well-researched work on this ancient king. Focusing on his immense achievements, and resistance to the Roman Empire – and his eventual, some might say inevitable, capitulation to Ancient Rome, the book offers fascinating insights.


Changing Times is a book about technology but has a wider readership in mind than just those who work in the industry. If you use technology  (and if you’re reading this website, I am assuming you do) then this book can offer you valuable insights into the development of the tools you use on a daily basis; how they make life better or, in some cases, more complicated. A very well-written and interesting read.