Tree of Souls by Lavender Crow is a supernatural thriller which explores the theory of reincarnation, a soul which is born time and time again until a chance meeting and a family secret enables past and present to collide.

The story takes us into the heart of South West England, where Jenna Thornleigh comes face-to-face with Daniel Overton; a man who seems familiar, and who she can sense is bad news. It takes a while for Jenna to realise just how bad, and how their pasts and their futures seem to be inextricably linked.

Excellent reading for those who like their books dark – with insightful visits to 18th century Cornwall and beyond.

Available to pre-order now, on general release from August 19th 2019.

Golem is the first book in the Bellualis Chronicles series and will delight, thrill and send shivers down your spine.

Sophie May Clearwater is new to Thornberry Woods. She knows nobody there, and her parents are too busy to pay attention to her concerns about her school. Building trust with fellow pupils is key and when friendships are established with Lucy, Tom and Jack things start to seem a little better. Until something happens to Tom and it is up to Sophie, Lucy and Jack to find out just what is going on in their terrifying school.

Written primarily for middle-grade readers, this book will hold great appeal to older readers, too, who will find themselves transported back to their school days – when you knew there was something not quite right about your teachers, but your parents wouldn’t listen. Not many teachers are like those at Thornberry Woods High School, though.

Available to pre-order now, on general release from September 2nd 2019.