Chris Calder’s well-crafted, pacy Celeste Three is Missing takes us into the not-too-distant future, when space travel becomes a reality; for those with the money to do so at least.

A very believable action thriller, this is the story of a man who has got away with everything all of his life, and another man who has been waiting patiently to take revenge for a murder committed years earlier.

It is going to take a huge amount of ingenuity and planning, not to mention funding, to pull off the plan Gregory Topozian has in mind. The question is, has he planned for every eventuality and can he really get away with a plan which involves the high-profile space plane Celeste Three?

“Would appeal to those who enjoy James Bond style thrillers in which impressive technology, glitzy lifestyles and glamorous settings provide the backdrop to conflict between hero and villain. Tense action is tempered with flashes of humour.” Debbie Young, Author

Available to pre-order now, on general release from August 12th 2019.

First off is Josie Goodbody’s The Diamond Connection – the first of the Jemima Fox mysteries. Readers will quickly find themselves embroiled in the world of high-end jewellery and complicated heists, as heroine Jemima works to unravel the mystery at the heart of the book and at the same time rescue a flailing love life.

JJL Green’s Famously Dead is a superbly crafted, non-linear story of four old university friends who begin a game while students, which culminates eighteen years later when Michael Jackson dies and they have accumulated one million pounds which must be spent on a trip away.

Much has changed for the friends in the intervening years and the trip takes a turn for the worse when Piers is kidnapped and held to ransom. Tied inextricably with the game of poker, each chapter is a ‘card’ and represents a poker-playing term. Fast-moving, with countless twists and turns.