From bestselling author, Katharine E. Smith, the second episode of her exciting new Connections series – Maggie is introduced as a character in book one, Elise, and now takes up her own story. A single mum, and new in town, Maggie is hiding more than one secret, but all with the best intentions.

Each book in this series will focus on a different character, whose life connects with the others in a number of ways, beginning with the small Cornish town in which they all live. Maggie is on sale from 25th April 2022, on Kindle, in paperback, and for all ereader types.


The middle of 2022 is looking very busy for Heddon Publishing, with new titles from established authors Katharine E. Smith, Serge Momjian, Peter M. Clutterbuck and Michael Clutterbuck (yes, the Clutterbucks are related, and in fact Michael is the first author to be published by Heddon Publishing, back in 2013. He introduced Peter, his cousin, who was already a successful educational author. The rest is history!

There is also a new author or two in the offing for Heddon, so watch this space for more news coming soon!

The majority of Heddon titles are available on Kindle, and also in print, from Amazon, but also a whole array of other bookshops, big and small (though you may have to ask to order them in).