Innocents in London, by Sheila Rainey – on general release 13th June 2022

This fantastic debut novel comes from a brand new author who shares something special with the Queen – namely, her age. At the regal age of 96, this is the first of a number of Sheila’s books, which we plan to publish over the next few months.

Innocents in London is special, as a standalone novel, telling the story of five-year-old John Maltravers who suffers a series of unfortunate events, not least going to live with his uncle and aunt when it is believed that both his parents are dead. The selfish, heartless relatives are keen to get their hands on John’s fortune, and see fit to plot their nephew’s abduction – which sees John cast into life as a chimney sweep, on the dangerous streets of London. While his aunt and uncle congratulate themselves on their cunning, they have not counted on the fact that John’s father Edward is in fact very much alive, and determined to find his son.


The summer of 2022 is looking very busy for Heddon Publishing, with new titles from established authors Katharine E. Smith, Serge Momjian, Peter M. Clutterbuck and Michael Clutterbuck (yes, the Clutterbucks are related, and in fact Michael is the first author to be published by Heddon Publishing, back in 2013. He introduced Peter, his cousin, who was already a successful educational author. The rest is history!

There is also a new author or two in the offing for Heddon, so watch this space for more news coming soon!

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