As is often the case at Heddon, we wait ages for a book to come along then three come at once (well actually we are always working incredibly hard at producing a book but that would ruin the saying).

Next up is a further novel from Chris Calder, whose full back catalogue is being republished by Heddon.

Never underestimate the simmering wrath of an intelligent man wronged!

Geoff Summers is a model of loyalty to his wife Penny, and to his long-time employers. A brilliant designer of electronic systems, his values are tested when she falls ill with a brain tumour and his vindictive new boss prevents him from fulfilling her dying wish.

With nothing to lose, and now driven only by a visceral desire for revenge, he uses his design skills and inside knowledge to devise a plan. It doesn’t come without risks, including a foray into the world of organised crime, putting his own life on the line. Time to fight back and hit them all, where it hurts.

And maybe, survive to start a new life.

Payback is the fourth book to be given a fresh new look courtesy of Heddon Publishing and Catherine Clarke Design.

There will also be a second novel in the Bellualis Chronicles series, by E.J. Parry.

Later in the year, there will be more new titles from authors new to the world of publishing, or just to Heddon Publishing.

Due to the current situation with covid-19, things are running a little more slowly than normal but there are many projects underway so watch this space for more news!