On general release from 16th August 2021

Milk, Meltdowns and a Mediocre Mummy by Louise King is a painfully funny account of a first-born’s first year, told diary-style by the baby herself.

The world is flooded with baby books, but why is the focus always on the parents? Why don’t the babies ever get a say?

Subjected to a torrent of swearing as she enters the world, followed by an outpouring of guilt that these are the first words she’ll have heard, Emily is under no false pretences as to what life as a new-born will be like.

This worldly-wise, wilful, yet wonderful baby tells it like it is, from her own unique perspective, offering bemused and often withering insights into the panics, stresses and insecurities of her parents as they try to guide her, or at the very least keep her alive, through her first year of life. 

Milk, Meltdowns and a Mediocre Mummy is a fantastically frank and funny book, which will strike a chord with any parent, whether you’re just learning the ropes, or consider yourself an old hand.

Out 16th August, the print version is available from Amazon and all bookshops, big and small (though you may have to ask to order it in). Also available on Kindle.