As is often the case at Heddon, we wait ages for a book to come along then three come at once (well actually we are always working incredibly hard at producing a book but that would ruin the saying).

The upcoming releases are as follows:

All About Stasia by Jeanie Palfrey

Episode One of the Stories of the Sticks, All About Stasia is a story of excitement, danger, adventure and growing up. Packed with superb illustrations, and set in the fantasy world of The Sticks, this debut novel from Jeanie Palfrey will be loved by younger readers looking for something a little bit different…

Tigranes the Great by Serge Momjian

A very detailed and extremely well-researched work on this ancient king. Focusing on his immense achievements, and resistance to the Roman Empire – and his eventual, some might say inevitable, capitulation to Ancient Rome, the book offers fascinating insights.

These two imminent releases will be followed by a further novel from Chris Calder. Payback is the fourth book to be given a fresh new look courtesy of Heddon Publishing and Catherine Clarke Design.

Next up is a sixth Coming Back to Cornwall book by Heddon Publishing founder, Katharine E. Smith. Title to be confirmed!

There will also be a second novel in the Bellualis Chronicles series, by E.J. Parry.

Later in the year, there will be more new titles from authors new to the world of publishing, or just to Heddon Publishing.

Due to the current situation with covid-19, things are running a little more slowly than normal but there are many projects underway so watch this space for more news!